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CoTA Error Code

CoTA Error Codes

error codedescription
5CoTA or Registry type script args invalid
6CoTA or Registry version invalid
7CoTA witness should not empty
8CoTA witness parse invalid
9SMT proof verify failed
10Registry root hash invalid
11Registry cell should exist for registry type script
12Registry cell data invalid
13Registry lock hashes invalid
14Registry cell count invalid
15Registry input and output lock hash not same
16CoTA cell count invalid
17Registry cell should exist for CoTA type script
18CoTA type args invalid
19CoTA cell data invalid
20CoTA root hash invalid
21CoTA define issued invalid
22CoTA immutable fields invalid
23CoTA SMT type invalid
24CoTA SMT action invalid
25CoTA input and output lock hash not same
26CoTA cell data invalid
27CoTA id or token index invalid
28CoTA out_point invalid
29CoTA locked nft should not transfer
30CoTA nft should not transfer before claim
31CoTA nft should not transfer after claim
32CoTA hold and withdrawal info not same
33CoTA withdrawal cell deps error
34CoTA withdrawal SMT proof verify failed
35CoTA locked nft should not update info
36CoTA locked nft should not claim
37CoTA nft claim error
38CoTA nft lock error
39CoTA cell data not same
40CoTA SMT leaves update error
41CoTA SMT root verify error
42Withdrawal raw tx encode error
43CoTA SMT leaf value invalid